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We offer a dynamic, purpose built campus as per international standards, designed to motivate the student without restrictions and with the notion that anything is possible.



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Online Registrations are open Apply now or Call 03218202016

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School Inaguration

The significance of Schole School extends beyond the establishment and opening of the school. As the best Ib School system in Karachi, the aspirations of Schole International Academy for its faculty and staff and above all for As the best Ib School system in Karachi.its students and their parents in the years ahead is perhaps the most important dimension to become a significant contributor in the field of education and learning.

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Social Activities

Evidence-based ideas to help kids communicate, connect, empathize, and read minds

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School Carnival

A fun filled school carnival for our students and community.

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Why Schole

Its an institution of education that imparts leisure

Early Years

It will help Students develop their interests and skills


Primary or elementary education from age five to twelve

Club & Societies

Eager and Able to Learn and develop their skills

IB System

Best candidate for IB school in Pakistan providing global standards of academics

Extra Curricular

Extracurricular activities are an impressive component of our school


Sports includes all forms of competitive physical activity


Musical training will develop the areas of the brain

What your children will do


Our student excel academically and enjoys our first class facilities and outstanding array of co-curricular experiences.

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